5-axis vertical machining center

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l Innovative Patent models. X/Y/Z three coordinate dynamic column moving structure fixed exchangeable table ensures high speed and efficiency of the machine tool.

l The exchangeable table ensures that the machine can continuous produce without stopping. The efficiency is more than 1 times higher than the conventional models.

l The speed of three axes is up to 48m/min. The speed of the spindle reaches 12000rpm. The tool changing time is up to 1.5sec. The efficiency is higher.

l Three axis linear guide roller adopts linear guide structure, which has a higher rigidity and strength

l The machine positioning precision is up to 0.008mm. The repeatability accuracy is up to 0.006mm and the accuracy is higher.

l Adopting double exchangeable table, one machine is better than two, which can saves labor and land area


The machine adopts the structure of the worktable fixed and column moving. Three axis uses linear ball guide. Structural design is novel and advanced. Accuracy and stability is good. The bed structure layout is reasonable. The machine has enough strength, rigidity and stability and also has good maintenance process.

Finite element analysis is used to ensure that the machine has sufficient dynamic and static characteristics. Based on repeated experiment the machine has good dynamic performance, accuracy motion control, stability and good precision. Parts can be processed automatically in one clamping, just like milling, drilling, expansion, boring, reaming, tapping and other processes.  The processing efficiency is 1 times higher than conventional machining center. It is greatly improved production efficiency and reduced the costs for enterprises.

Its using, operation and maintenance is convenient. And it can carry out high-speed drilling, high precision tapping and so on. The machine is widely used in many kinds of general machinery, automobile and motorcycle parts, injection mold, casting steel mold and communication products. It is particularly applicable to workshop batch processing and also particularly applicable to fix for automatic production line.

The X/Y/Z axis can be fixed with grating ruler which can detect the error in the mechanical transmission.  (Such as the position error caused by the temperature characteristic of the screw rod, reverse gap and motion characteristic error of ball screw pitch). Feeding it back to control system so as to realize high precision positioning

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